Self Defense Training for the Public

Self Defense Training for the Public

This 6.5 hour Training + Certification Course is designed to give you the tools to develop mindset, awareness, confidence and effective skills to use in everyday situations.

During class, practical and useful knowledge will be learned through lecture and the applied knowledge/tactical portion of class.

Class will convene with each participant having solid knowledge about these concepts:

• Crime Statistics

• Self Defense & California Law

• Situational Awareness

• Entering & Exiting your home and How to Protect Yourself

• Proper Police Notification

• When to Engage and When to Tactically Retreat

• Self Defense Tools & How to Properly Use Them (OC Spray, Taser, Tactical Pen, etc)

• Know how to Defend or Escape from the most Commonly Used Positions of Attack

*Course tuition includes an OC Spray (Self Defense Tool)

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